Friday, December 11, 2009

Mind Camera

The most beautiful pictures are not the ones we take with our camera but something that is in our mind. The image that can bring a smile !

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bird against Bird !!!

Man first saw birds and wondered if he can fly too. After million of years he found a way to fly like a bird and with 100s of year of improvising he knew exaclty how to carry many people and still look like a bird. But he never thought what the real birds might think. I always wondered the birds are jealous of the Aluminium birds just like the sharks are jealous of submarines . I think birds/sharks always try thier best to fight the man by thier own means. One such example is that as soon as the floks find a Air plane as close to thier flying range , they just want to fight just head on. They just attacked both engines of the US Airways last evening just over Hudson. Unfortunately Man is more powerful than birds. Thanks to the pilot ( just the Airline uniform makes anyone looks hansome .. sorry ladies you too) .