Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joy to the World!

I like this song very much. Joy to the world the lord has come. View in YouTube: . This is the version of Nat King Cole.Supposedly my fav. There are other versions Micheal Bolton , faith hill etc. It is a season for giving. People are supposed to be happy.Ye.. people are supposed to be happy all the time is'nt it folks. Back home we dont celebrate the season as people do in the united states or for the matter of fact in many countries.

But we beleive that we have to give not in one season but whenever we can. what can a person give when there is nothing to give for themselves. one thing comes to my mind is time. Giving is not about money alone. But sure who does not want a buck or two. You can give your time. you can offer to do something instead of giving money. if you have a skill you can offer to render services. these non-monetary giving fills our hearts and make us swell.

So my dear folks.. this season.. skip the money help and offer somthing more personal to some one you dont know.

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